Lang Creek brings over a hundred years of family tradition of fine craftsmanship from the time the Lang Creek Ranch was founded in 1881 to our current time, producing environmentally responsible, high quality log cabins and homes.

We strive to exceed our customers expectations by producing log homes and cabins that we would want to live in.  From guiding our customers through the design process, to building our customers the home in our California facility though the erecting the home or cabin on our customers land. 

We want our homes to last the lifetime of our customers …. and the lifetime of their children! Our customers receive the same high level of service from the moment you sign the contract to the day we hand over the keys.

We are concerned about our environment and we care about the future of our planet. We are committed to being environmentally conscious. We incorporate green methodology throughout our building process.  How? Some examples include the use of timbers from dead standing trees or from sustainable forests, sourcing lumber from environmentally responsible sources,  low VOC, high quality stains and sealers, to windows sourced from environmentally responsible manufacturers, and designing our homes to use alternative energy sources, even bio diesel. 

We incorporate our knowledge, passion and integrity in all that we do. We create for our customers a high quality, visually and esthetically pleasing at competitive prices.

We look forward to working with you.

lang creek original home

Lang Creek’s history runs long and deep. Here’s  the original Lang Creek Ranch barn, circa 1878, which, some 100 years later, was converted into a home.